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“PIGHEADED” – new EP out now !

After the release of our single Waiting for the day after last june, our new EP called PIGHEADED is finally out the 28th of august.

It contains 5 tracks + 2 bonus tracks. Composed a few years ago, these tracks were finalized while the Covid lockdown with a new mix and mastering.

Some other old tracks will be also published soon with new remixed versions. All new tracks actually in progress will follow soon.

PIGHEADED contains our most dancefloor songs to date (even if clubs are sadly closed). At this occasion, we also released a new music video for the song PIGHEADED (watch it below).

Here is the PIGHEADED EP tracklisting :

    1. Waiting for the day after
    2. Pigheaded
    3. (Rainbow Lullaby) Like the rain (Hollowave Remix)
    4. Work-In-Progress
    5. Fugitive Happiness
    6. Waiting for the day after (#StayHome Live Performance)
    7. (Rainbow Lullaby) Like the rain (Hollowave Extended Mix)

Listen or download PIGHEADED on your favorite platform below.